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Jun 172015

Tim Burningham introducing Lt. Dustin Dooley and Scott BassettWhat a great presentation this was! No one even noticed that Navy Captain Guffey, the planned speaker, was not able to attend. Instead the Base sent Lieutenant Dustin Dooley, the Submarine Base Operation Officer and Scott Bassett the Public Affairs Officer.

The Kingsbay Submarine Base was commissioned in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter and houses one of the largest buildings in Camden County. We also learned that there are two crews for each submarine, the blue and the gold one. This allows the submarine to be constantly on the move. Submarines can be anywhere at any time. Lt. Dooley shared some personal stories as well as factual stories regarding life on a submarine. In short it was a very educational as well as enjoyable presentation. Thank you so much Lt. Dooley and Scott Basset. We hope to see you again for another presentation.

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