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Aug 212015

Presenter Shaun HarrellAt the August meeting we took the opportunity to discuss the development and launch of our new EABC web site. The current web site was developed and tirelessly maintained by Caroline Bloechlinger since the beginning of the club and we want to acknowledge the tremendous amount of work she has devoted to our organization.

Another of our club members, Shaun Harrell, has taken on the web site redesign and he gave our keynote address at the meeting. In addition to talking about the new site and its attributes, Shaun gave us an overview of how Internet web design has evolved over time and how some of the new concepts have been used for the EABC site. He discussed how Search Engine Algorithms have evolved and how they affect website visibility. Participants at Aug 2015 MtgHe has migrated our new site from an HTML based system to one based on the WordPress platform. One of the advantages of this new design is that it can be maintained by a several EABC members and each of you can contribute to the site with comments, FaceBook likes and shares and by submitting perspectives and stories of your own.

It was interesting presentation and we gained some new insight into how our web sites get recognized, or not, by search engines such as Google, Bing and others. Be sure to check out our new site at http://eabcnetwork.com/home/ Shaun posted an outline of his presentation and links to several of the resources displayed at the meeting http://www.prospectuswebdevelopment.com/eabc-presentation-outline/ If you missed the meeting you can see examples of the web trends and follow links to test & evaluate your site.

If you would like to change your profile picture or update any of the other details, please let us know.
Aug 2015 Audience
Shaun Harrell, principle at ProspectusWeb.com started his career in marketing and advertising running an advertising agency BTI (Before the Internet era). His career including becoming CFO and eventually CEO of a publicly traded company. He realized CEO work had limited expression for his creative side and he retired from corporate life. Synchronizing his technical skills with this creative side he provides CAD (AutoCAD) land development planning services and specializes in ecologically friendly design. One of his key projects is the Oyster Bay Harbours development, of which you may be familiar. Several years ago, in a effort to get closer to his advertising and marketing roots, he started developing custom websites. He has become extremely proficient in web design and does most of his work in the WordPress platform.

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