Feb 052016
Annual Review and Update Meeting

Annual Review and Update Meeting

Our January meeting was one of reflection and consideration. Reflection on our times and activities in 2015 and consideration for our activities in 2016.

Tim Burningham was our moderator and he led a discussion around the continuing development of the EABC and roughly followed this agenda:




– Review 2015
What did we like
What would we change

– Plan for 2016
Suggestions for meetings
Some fun things to add
Perhaps a few non-meeting social events
Suggestions for guest speakers

We had good participation from everyone in the meeting and got excellent feedback that will help propel us to success in 2016. In general, it seemed that our members were pleased with the activities and speakers in 2015 and are looking forward to our program this year. DSCF4396

There were many excellent suggestions for topics and speakers for 2016 and they were all taken under consideration at the following Thursday’s board meeting. The Board has already taken action on lining up some of the suggested speakers and we will be rolling out a preview of the coming events as we confirm the speakers and venues.

It should be noted that identifying, acquiring and managing speakers for our meetings requires some amount of work and coordination. The Board is requesting that if you have someone in mind for a speaker and are able to do so, please take ownership of that process. That would help spread the work load around a little bit and would be a great benefit to the club. You can coordinate with the Board on appropriateness of the speaker and timing of the date so as to avoid overlaps. It would also help if you would make the introduction of the speaker at the meeting.

DSCF4389In addition to our classic meeting format it was widely agreed that holding separate, occasional social events was a good idea. People seemed to like this plan and have enjoyed the few we have held in the past. Namely, these are casual get-togethers at some venue that is purely social in nature that may appeal to some or all of the members. Of course all members are always invited and welcomed. Some ideas include: Mystery theater night, minigolf, Petanque, scavenger hunt (again), darts challenge, White Oak field trip, cards / casino night, kayaking, etc. Please bring other ideas to the Board that you think would be of interest.

Again, if you have an idea for a social event, it would be most helpful if you would take ownership of the logistics and coordination. Once confirmed with the Board, Marc Williams can send out an invitation to the event so that the entire EABC population is aware of the details.

Thanks to everyone who helps make EABC a successful and enjoyable organization. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year and hope to see you at our meetings and events. DSCF4395DSCF4401

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