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Aug 222015

Zach Demos Good Posture

In July our guest speaker was personal trainer Zachary Rocheleau, who gave us an inspired talk on the value of physical fitness and the power of taking small steps toward your goal. Personal physical fitness has become an important aspect for many of us these days as the health benefits of exercise and proper diet have become more well-understood. We are fortunate to have an expert on this topic as one of our own members.

Zach is the Founder / Head Coach at Genetic Potential Academy here on the island. GPA is focused on helping people attain their fitness and dietary goals through personal coaching, education and physical activity.

At the meeting Zach shared his theory of “The Domino Effect”, the premise being that once you start (take action toward various health goals) you gain immediate momentum and from there that momentum carries you to your next stage, and next stage and so on and that improving your health/diet/fitness level is not all that difficult.

His presentation was crisp and animated and he got us all on our feet to demonstrate the right and wrong aspects of posture. Just knowing small data points about how to move, stand sit and stretch are key elements of good health and strong bodies. Zach talked about his various programs around nutrition and exercise and the benefits to be gained by taking advantage of appropriate instruction and participation. Look for Zach at our regular meetings and when you talk to him you will quickly see the obvious enthusiasm and energy he brings to the Amelia Island area. Ooohrah!

You can see additional details at his web site: www.geneticpotentialacademy.com and www.FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com

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