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Jun 172015

Mike Bowling Pound Puppies Creator May 2014 EABCMike Bowling was our guest speaker who knew that to get his plush-pet ideas off the ground, he needed to produce a variety of stuffed animals that were loveable by kids but were easily manufactured. The Pound Puppies were born! However, not everyone believed in this idea and he was rejected 14 times, however he kept at it since he believed in his product so much.

The Pound Puppies were officially launched in 1984 in Toronto Canada. They each came with a cardboard case shaped like a doghouse with an “adoption” certificate. Thanks to Mike’s persistence these huggable pet toys made it into the history book of toys. Mike’s company was eventually purchased by Tonka which introduced the puppies into the U.S. Market and to kids around the world.

As Mike put it “If you have a great idea make sure to keep at it. Things do happen.”

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