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Jun 172015

Sean McGill presenting - Elizabeth Rawson talking about the upcoming Dec EventEveryone knows where the FB municipal airport is located. and there is no lack of interest on how it operates. This meeting was well attended and Sean McGill answered many of our questions about the airport. Among other items of interest we found out why at least once a year there are lots of airplanes parked on the runway.

Sean McGill became the president of McGill Aviation (see their website here) in 2007. McGill Aviation is a family business tracing its roots to 1991 Atlanta where John McGill started a business to sell & lease light aircrafts. That business led to the acquisition of the FBO on Amelia Island in 1998.

After spending some time in Honolulu Sean came to Florida and in 2003 he became Vice president of McGill Aviation. He is very active in the community and you will find him also training and competing in triathlons. So far he completed 13 Iron-man races.

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