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Jun 112015

Population: 11,925
Housing: 7,064
Households: 4,775
Square Miles: 11.13

Adrienne Burke  Fernandina Beach Community DevelopmentIn our October meeting the director of the Fernandina Beach, FL Community Development, Adrienne Burke answered some questions that focused on historic preservation planning and other community planning activities.
In her presentation she touched on many topics and tried to answer some of the more confusing aspects of our community. She noted that for example building code enforcement is really State regulated which overrules the city. Other items of confusion are the county and city borders that are going throughout the island. She made sure that everyone is aware of the official website of the City of Fernandina Beach which just recently was updated and holds a ton of information and answers all sorts of questions. Thank you for taking the time to present us with this very interesting and informative topic. We certainly hope that we will be able to hear from Adrienne again with new and upcoming developments.

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