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Steve LeimbergOur March meeting featured Steve Leimberg, a national award winning nature photographer with local roots. Steve gave a very entertaining and educational presentation, highlighting some of his most useful tips and suggestions for successful photography, especially when traveling. He used his own photographs to show many examples of his suggested techniques and demonstrated how the average photographer can improve their own results. A major part of his message was to encourage us to spend some time planning our photographs and to see ahead of time what the results will be. His own motto is: “I make photographs, I don’t take them.”

It was a great meeting and everyone enjoyed Steve’s animated style and humor as well as admiring the stunning photographs that he displayed. His web site is well worth visiting in order to enjoy this artist’s outstanding work.

Stephan R. Leimberg was the 2008 International Nikon – Popular Photography Mentor Series Grand Prize Winner. He is an exhibiting member of the Amelia Island (Florida) Art Association and the Omni Plantation Guild and Gallery. His work is also sold at the San Jon Gallery, Bar-Zin Restaurant, and by appointment at his studio (Call 904 491 0474).

His FACES OF AMELIA portrait series featured Amelia Island notables such as Dickie Anderson, Charlie Taylor, Ann Coonrad, “Raven,” Ron Kurtz, Char Bachman, “Miss Marlene” Deutcher, and Kevin McCarthy.

Steve Leimberg Presenting at the March 2016 EABC Meeting

Steve Leimberg Presenting at the March 2016 EABC Meeting

He’s created portraits of ACT notables Sinda Nichols, Ron Kurtz, Graham Thomas, Cary Dresser, and Linda McClane and a book cover for poet/author Nola Perez.

Steve is a frequent contributor to The Amelia Islander, The First Coast Magazine, and Southern End magazines. He is working with author Marsha Phelts on a new book, Moments of Time: Portraits of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs of American Beach.

Steve’s portrait of author Pat Conroy (Price of Tides, The Great Santini) is the inner back fly-cover for Conroy’s book, My Life In Reading.

Known as The “BirdMan of Amelia” , Steve is acclaimed for his stunning painting-like prints of birds and other Amelia Island wildlife and landscapes and was featured in an extensive article in the Amelia Island News-Leader and also in the Amelia Islander Magazine. His photographs, which can be found in Meet Me In Amelia, a book sponsored by the Amelia Island Museum of History, provide a photographic artist’s view of that stunning island. His Birds of Amelia book can be purchased by calling 904-491-0474.

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Steve Leimberg, Tom Foy, EABC

Guest Speaker Steve Leimberg & Host Tom Foy at the March 2016 EABC Meeting

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