Sep 142016

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In August the EABC group visited the White Oak Conservation Center near Yulee for a half-day tour of the facility. We enjoyed a great walk-through of several of the buildings, which house a wonderful collection of artifacts and artistic objects, we toured the grounds in open safari-type vehicles to see the animals and even got off occasionally to feed and or pet some of the more docile creatures. Then we ended the day with a tasty lunch in their dinning room. It was a great day and member Dave Scott summed it up very well in poem that he crafted for his DaveScottBlog publication:

It’s Preposterous, But I Petted A Rhinoceros
By, Dave Scott
August 19, 2016
I know it’s preposterous,
But I petted a rhinoceros;
I saw a Cockatoo.
In fact, I spotted a few.

I watched a wild ass,
Munch on the grass;
And was amazed by the scary
Double wattled cassowary.

I was puzzled by an okapi,
That’s like a giraffe, but not as tall…at all!
I fed giraffes leafs from a tree;
And watched a cheetah that didn’t flee;

At White Oak there’s something for most;
Lots of horses, and two golf courses;
There’s even a place for dance;
Where Baryshnikov used to prance.

But though tigers are on display,
I am sad to say, in a light-hearted way,
I didn’t see a Dodger from L.A.
Even though they own them all, or that’s what they say.


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